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Activity of the Week – Active Fortune Teller

What do you need: If you have a printer at home, simply print off this PDF, fold the fortune teller, and you’re ready to take on the physical challenges!

If you don’t have a printer, you can make the fortune teller and make it unique! You just need a piece of paper (cut into a square) and a pencil. You can use some markers if you’d like to decorate it.

How to fold a fortune teller:

How to play the game:

1. Unfold your fortune teller and you should see that the creases have created sections for you. Fill in each section like the picture on the right.

2. If you have other physical challenges you’d like to try, you can use those ones instead!

3. Fold your fortune teller again and go head to head with a friend to see how well you can do each challenge!

These YMCA Beyond the Bell activities support the program goals to: Realize Academic Achievement | Improve Health and Wellness | Explore Culture & Creativity | Develop Social Skills.   Donors to the YMCA make Beyond the Bell possible.