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Activity of the week – Math at the Beach


  • a beach ball 
  • a marker 

How to Setup the Game: 

  • Write numbers from 1 to 20 randomly on the beach ball with the marker. You can increase or decrease the range of numbers depending on your grade level. 

How to Play the Game: 

  1. Pick a math operation (add, subtract, multiply, or divide). 
  1. Toss the ball to one player and look at what numbers their thumbs are touching when they catch it. 
  1. The player has to add, subtract, multiply, or divide the two numbers. For example, if you decide to do subtractions, and their thumbs landed on an 8 and a 3, the player has to answer 8 – 3 =? 
  1. Toss the ball to another player and it’s their turn. 
  1. You can make it a game by giving each player a point every time they get the answer right and taking away a point every time they get the answer wrong. 

Note: you can make the game harder by writing math equations on the beach ball, and the player has to add up the two answers from the two equations their thumbs touched. 

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