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Don’t Say a Word

Words on paper

What You Will Need: 

  • Marker 
  • Bag or bowl (something to place slips of paper in) 
  • Slips of paper (more words=more paper) 

How to play:  

  • Write different words on slips of paper for each player to describe. On the paper, you will include words the player CANNOT say to describe the original word. (ie: if the word is ‘school’, you cannot use the words education, teacher or the name of a school to describe the word school). 
  • Players will take turns and pick a slip of paper. The word underlined or in a different colour is the word you want everyone else to guess. The remaining words are the ones you cannot say to describe the original word. The more words you cannot use to describe, the harder it is.  
  • Once a player guesses the correct word, they can have a chance to pick a word to describe. You can choose to play this in teams, or individually.  

This YMCA Beyond the Bell activity supports the program goals to: Realize Academic Achievement | Improve Health and Wellness | Explore Culture & Creativity | Develop Social Skills.

Donors to the YMCA make Beyond the Bell possible.