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Fill the Bucket

Child playing with water hose

What You Will Need:  

  • 4 buckets 
  • Sponges 
  • Water 

How to Play: 

  1. Create 2 “lanes” with a bucket full of water at one end and an empty bucket at the other end .
  1. Set a timer for 3 minutes .
  1. Each player will use their sponge to carry water from one bucket to the other. 
  1. The winner is the player with the most water in the once empty bucket when the timer goes. 
  1. Instead of running you can try to make it more challenging by having the players hop on one leg, walk backwards or any other fun way you come up with. 
  1. You can play this with 2 people or make teams with the entire family. 

This YMCA Beyond the Bell activity supports the program goals to: Realize Academic Achievement | Improve Health and Wellness | Explore Culture & Creativity | Develop Social Skills.

Donors to the YMCA make Beyond the Bell possible.