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Math & Movement Cootie-Catchers

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers

Make your cootie-catcher:

Cootie-catcher instructions
How to fold a cootie-catcher.
  • Follow the directions in the picture to make your cootie-catcher out of paper.
  • Write out math questions on each outside surface and middle flaps of the cootie-catcher.
  • On the very last flap write an action such as: jumping jacks, sit ups, jump like a frog, or anything you want.
  • You can make multiple cootie catchers with a different action on the final flap for each one. They can be for subtraction, addition, multiplication, or any other math facts you want to challenge your family with.

How to play:

  1. Choose a math question on the top flap and answer it. Whatever number your answer is, move your cootie catcher side to side that many times (example: if you question is “4+4” you would answer “8” and then move your cootie catcher 8 times).
  2. Wherever the cootie catcher lands, pick the exposed match question and answer it. Then move the cootie catcher side to side that many times.
  3. Repeat one more time and answer your chosen math question. Once you answer the question, remember the number and lift the flap under that number to expose an action.
  4. Complete the action as many times as the answer to your last math question: if your question was “6 x 2” and the action was jumping jacks, you would do “12” jumping jacks because 6 x 2=12/

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