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Roll a Story!

What You Will Need:
– 1 die
– 1 piece of paper
– 1 pencil Create a story using the picture on the left!

How to play:

1. Starting with the “character” column, roll your die to figure out who your character will be. For example, if you roll a “1”, your character will be a beautiful princess.

2. Then write down your character on a piece of paper.

3. Next, you will roll the die for your “setting.” This is where your story will take place. Once you have your setting, write it down on your paper.

4. Finally, roll the die for your “problem.” This is the challenge your character will face. Write this down too.

5. Now that you have the skeleton of your story, you can fill in the rest using your imagination!

This YMCA Beyond the Bell activity supports the program goals to: Realize Academic Achievement | Improve Health and Wellness | Explore Culture & Creativity | Develop Social Skills.

Donors to the YMCA make Beyond the Bell possible.