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Activity of The Week – Word-Wac-Woe

What do you need: 

  1. a list of words 

2. index cards 

3. a piece of paper and pencil for each player 

How to play the game: 

  1. Pick 15-20 spelling words you’re working on and write each of them on an index card. 
  1. Each player draws a tic-tac-toe grid on their paper – each space should be big enough to write a word in. 
  1. Layout all the words for all the players to see. Each player picks 9 words and writes a word in each space on their grid. 
  1. Try to have different words than your friends, but it’s ok if some words are the same. 
  1. Collect all the words and put them in a pile facing down. 
  1. Players can take turns flipping over the top card and reading it out loud. 
  1. If the word is on your grid, you can cross it off. 
  1. The first player to cross off all the words wins! You can also play until the first players get 4 corners or 3 in a row 

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